Meet Our Founder

When Devona Natalie Boone was just 10 years old, she witnessed her mothers murder.  Eunice Natalie Boone was stabbed multiple times by an abusive boyfriend while Devona watched in extreme fear.  Devona was with her mother until her very last breath.  After the tragedy, Devona was overcome with sadness, worry and grief and she was unsure of what was next for her.

Despite her circumstances, Devona graduated high school with honors and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Communicative Science Disorders with a minor in Special Education in 2014.

Throughout her life, Devona has met every challenge with hard work, dedication and faith.

If you talk to her today she will tell you that she is blessed beyond measure.  Her goal in life is to provide young girls with a support system filled with love, guidance, and understanding.  Through her faith in God and with the support of her family, she excels at everything she does.